The Future Of Home Buying And Selling

Image SourcedSelling or buying a home still tends to be a ridiculously complicated and expensive involving a ton of paperwork. But some companies are trying to shake things up the way Uber disrupted transportation and Netflix changed home entertainment.

The government consultation on Improving the Home Buying and Selling process has called a lot of our industry processes into question and prompted the need for real change. Some argue that real estate agents will become obsolete, while others believe the way real estate transactions are closed will evolve. It’s hard to tell which disruptions will succeed and which will fall by the wayside.

One of the many ways real estate and technology are evolving  is virtual reality. Say you’re moving to another state, or you’re interested in buying new land and your home hasn’t been built. You can take a virtual tour of your future home without leaving the comfort of the one you live in now, and we don’t just mean a quick video tour of a house online, this is a full walk through.

Imagine showing an empty property with none or very few pieces of furniture. Now imagine exactly the same house or apartment but full of furniture and looking cozy and appealing. Which of these would be easier to sell? The answer is obvious.

For future buyers and sellers this is one of the many ways the market will improve and make it less stressful and more enjoyable for you whilst looking for a new home!

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The Future Of Home Buying And Selling