Ideas For Decorating Your Home This Christmas Holiday

I love Christmas. Not so much the crowded shops and the pressure of cooking up the most amazing food, for me it’s more about adding some festive spirit to the house – glamming it up so it looks sparkly and inviting.

The first thing that you and any visitors entering the house will notice is its smell a nice, pop a cinnamon stick in a pot of boiling water and keep it simmering for 30 mins before they arrive. A cheaper idea would you go to your local dollar shop and purchase a scented candle, your house will smell amazing!

Whether you decide to go all out or keep the decorating to a minimum, a centrepiece is a must. It can be as simple as an oversized candle or as dramatic as a bunch of tea lights.

Don’t bother putting out five different plates and bowls, and seven different sets of cutlery for each guest’s place setting. One plate, one bowl and two sets of cutlery will be enough for your guests without making the table look cluttered.

Add as many t-lights as you can to mantles, tables, shelves, particularly when night falls. I normally go for t-light holders and pinks so the light coming through is magical. Oh and I string fairy lights everywhere, over mirrors, mantles door frames, kitchen islands it feels so festive I love it!

With a few of these tips you can enjoy Christmas in a nice toasty and comfy home and of course impress your guests!

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Ideas For Decorating Your Home This Christmas Holiday