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Strata Myths

November 16, 2017


These myth busters are to help tenants who live or owners who own strata apartments, They are to help understand the new strata laws that started on 30 November 2016. Owners corporations must decide their new by-laws right away Myth! By-laws passed by the owners corporation and registered remain valid after 30 November 2016 until removed or […]

Setting up a Gym in your Home

November 9, 2017


 We’d all like to be a fit and healthy, right? Saving for a home deposit or renovation doesn’t always leave lots of money for a gym membership. So why not set up your own gym at home, or make some space to exercise at home? You don’t need to rearrange your whole house or be super […]

Median Apartment Prices in Sydney Receive Growth

November 2, 2017


Sydney’s apartment market remains the strongest major market in Australia in terms of market balance. The Harbour City’s apartments market is to continue to moderate, as well as remain relatively strong to future supply additions at least for the next few quarters. In addition, tightened finance restrictions on both the demand side and supply side […]

Should you invest your money on the latest designer trends?

October 27, 2017


Everyone loves trends but should you really invest in them? Here are some things to consider before you splurge your hard-earned money on the latest interior designs. what’s a style and what’s a trend? An interior design style covers the overall look and feel of a room. Coastal, Scandinavian, industrial, these are all interior design […]

Information on Starting a Tenancy

October 18, 2017


 A guide for tenants At the start of every tenancy, the landlord or agent must give you a copy of a Fair Trading publication called the New Tenant Checklist. This fact sheet contains important information before signing a new tenancy agreement. You must read the checklist carefully and anything you don’t understand you must ask your landlord or […]

6 Ways Mirrors can be used to Create Optical Illusions

October 12, 2017


From drawing in light to adding dimension, glamour or an added point of interest in the home through the use of a different texture, mirrors are more then just their ordinary functional role in bathrooms and walk- in wardrobes. Incorporating mirrors doesn’t have to be restricted to your typical glass mirror either you can consider using […]

Selecting the Right Tradesperson or Builder

October 5, 2017


Are you thinking of building your dream home? Maybe you’re about to renovate, extend or repair your existing home. Selecting the right trades person or builder is important. Licence check The Home Building Act 1989 requires all builders and tradespeople to be licensed for the work that they do and to have proper contracts and insurance in place. […]

3 Living Room Lighting Ideas

September 29, 2017


Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a timeless staple or a renter searching for an affordable fix, a light fixture is the way to brighten a living room that has minimal sunlight. There are plenty of fixtures to choose from, ranging from an eye-catching beautiful pendant light to a modern table lamp and all just […]

By-laws in your strata scheme

September 22, 2017


Every Strata scheme has its own by-laws, that all owners, tenants and visitors must follow. The by-laws is a set of rules that cover behavior of residents and the common property. The owners corporation determine the by-laws that suit the lifestyle of the strata scheme. A copy of the schemes by-laws is kept on the […]

How to effectively Spring Clean

September 15, 2017


Now that Spring has officially arrived, the time has come to begin Spring cleaning. 65% of people say their home is somewhat dis-organised. If you were to look at all the nooks and crannies, would it be clean? Decide how long ideally you need to spend in each room, then set a timer so you […]

Information about Strata Managing Agents

September 7, 2017


An owners corporation is a company that combines all the lot owners in a strata scheme. They are automatically created when a plan of subdivision contains common property. A strata managing agent is engaged to help with manage the scheme. Selecting a managing agent If a strata managing agent has been selected by the developer before the first annual general […]

Check List for Routine Inspection

August 31, 2017


To prepare yourself for a routine inspection, start in one room and work your way through the house. A good top is to take a few photos and write down notes of any wear and tear issues that have occurred since the last inspection. Here a list of main key points to check: WALLS The […]

5 Fathers day gift ideas

August 17, 2017


Every Sunday on the first weekend in September we celebrate fathers day its a celebration honoring fatherhood. With fathers day just around the corner Hordern Properties, have researched some cool gift ideas for Dad. Doughnut Box $95.00 – Let Dad indulge in some of his favorite doughnuts and a couple of other treats too. Personalized Wallet […]

UDIA Awards for Excellence Gala

August 10, 2017


Friday 4 August 2017, Hordern Properties Principal, Daniel Tan attended the UDIA Awards for Excellence Gala. The UDIA Awards for Excellence Gala is held annually for entrants who compete to gain the prestigious title of Winner of each category. Nominees undergo a rigorous process of assessment and evaluation, and winners are selected for their standout commitment […]

7 things to do before Moving House

August 4, 2017


Moving house can be a stressful task, below are some tips to try to make moving as stress free as possible. Connecting your internet This should be booked as soon as you know your new address. Internet service providers are often booked months in advance, booking in early will save you hassles down the track. Connect utilities Firstly, disconnect […]

Tips to Organize your Wardrobe

July 27, 2017


When it comes to clearing up any area, take into consideration what you should get rid of. If your clothing does not reflect the best version of yourself, it has no place in your wardrobe. When it comes to cleaning through your wardrobe, you should consider any clothes that: You no longer wear You are […]

Parking in an Apartment

July 20, 2017


Tenants should always check their lease to ensure if the building has allocated parking. If the property doesn’t they cannot park in the strata scheme. The owners may wish to control the parking lot by using signage key card system parking barriers Visitors may park if there is specific signage stating visitor parking. At no time […]

Information about Renovations in a Strata Building

July 13, 2017


If an owner wishes to renovate their property, in most cases they must get permission before proceeding. If they do not seek permission, it may have to be changed back. Tenants are required to ask their landlord or agent for permission before making any changes to the property. There are three different types of renovations; […]

Housing Affordability

February 24, 2017


Approaching its five year anniversary, the current upswing in housing values has shown unprecedented longevity. The past five years has seen national dwelling prices rise by 19%, while simultaneously, modeled income estimates from the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods (ANU) suggest household incomes rose by just 9.2%. The obvious divergence between dwelling values […]

2017 is Year of the Red Fire Rooster

January 27, 2017


2017 is Year of the Red Fire Rooster (28th January 2017 to February 15th 2018) This is the year when you will need to work hard and be patient in order to achieve your goals. This is the time to be spent in solitude and harmony with friends and family. According to Chinese astrology, the Rooster […]