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The Effects Of Droughts In Australia

October 12, 2018


The worst drought in living history is sweeping parts of Australia, leaving farmers struggling to cope. While the weather has improved in parts of Western Australia, there has been no winter rain across much of the country’s east, leaving farmers hoping for rain after planting seeds in dry soil or culling cattle and sheep so […]


How to decorate your bathroom without spending hundreds

September 28, 2018


Wooden bathroom accessories are a fantastic way to glam up your bathroom decor. This is a great idea if you are a wood lover. If you’re tired of walking into your out dated bathroom and want a fresh new look, here are some key points. The most important upgrade you can make in your bathroom […]

Father's Day: Advice from our old man

August 31, 2018


Our father’s have always had something to say about our lives and always had advice for us to get through any situation, and in return we laugh a their terrible dad jokes and remind them that they still look as good as they did 20 years ago. But sometimes we have others that step into […]

First Time Investor Tips

August 24, 2018

Finance Hordern

Investment properties are great ways to get your foot in the door of the property market and a good way to have a bit of extra cash coming in. But when it comes to your first investment property it can be a very scary experience and you can be left to feel a little bit […]

Savings! Savings! Savings!

August 17, 2018

Finance Hordern Uncategorized

It is always stressful trying to ensure that we save and not splurge on unnecessary items but some helpful tips to help you stress less and save more. The 50/50 Approach: If you are young and have no commitment of rent or bills to pay for then this approach for savings is perfect for you. […]

Living Alone, It’s the Next Best Thing.

July 27, 2018


When we think of living alone we think of loneliness, boredom, alienation and so on. But drop that stigma and start thinking of it differently. Studies from the University of Michigan have come out to show that people who live alone are more social then those who live with others. These residents are more inclined […]

Natural Disasters: What to do when disaster strikes

July 20, 2018


When a natural disaster hits, it can leave you in a state of shock and feeling uneasy as you try to figure out how to fix all the damage has done. NSW Fair Trading services have been able to set up urgent repair services for when you aren’t able to get in contact with anyone […]

A Grade, B Grade or C Grade? How does your property scale up?

July 13, 2018


When it comes to buying or selling a property, we set ourselves up with a list of the must haves and the must not haves. With that criterion we search for our dream properties through the whole market and can come across different properties that reach different points of our wants and needs. These differences […]

Can We Really Afford Where We Live?

July 5, 2018

Hordern Rental Market

We all want to be able to live in the prime suburbs of Sydney, those ones that are just minutes away from all the fun and excitement of the big smoke, But can we really afford it? To be able to live a comfortable and rental stress free life we should only be spending maximum […]

5 tips on how to buy property in a falling market

June 21, 2018


With house prices declining for the first time in years, here’s what you need to know to get the best out of the property market. Buying a property in Australia used to be simple. You would buy as soon as you can, spend as much as you could afford and the market would take care […]

Almost One in Ten Australians live in Apartments

June 14, 2018


There is about 2.6 million strata title lots across Australia with an insured value of  4955bn, according to a landmark report by the City Futures Research Centre at the University of New South Wales Sydney. The Strata data has previously been difficult to compile, as state and territory agencies each record the information different in […]

How do interest rates affect you?

June 6, 2018


If your looking to buy an investment property or saving for your first home, you need to be aware of the RBA’s interest rate and how it affects the economy. But mostly what does it mean for you? What is the RBA? The Reserve Bank of Australia is a body corporate. It’s owned by the Commonwealth of Australia. […]

More home prices forecast to fall in Sydney

May 30, 2018


Sydney’s housing market could turn into a bargain frenzy this winter, with housing experts predicting prices will fall even further than they already have. The median price of a home has already dropped 2.1 per cent since the start of 2018 but new projections from property analysts SQM Research revealed more falls could be on […]

Is it time to bag a bargain in Sydney?

May 23, 2018


House hunters have been given a once in a decade opportunity to get a better home deal in Sydney’s middle-ring suburbs. The Daily Telegraph revealed demand from property seekers have fallen in many of the suburbs within a 10-30km radius of the Sydney CBD over the past year. This has coincide with a high rise in the […]

The changing costs of housing and traveling

May 15, 2018


You’ll never own a home if you keep going on all those holidays! Most parents tell their Millennial children who are busy packing for another get away. You might have found yourself on the giving or receiving end of these words more than once.   Travel has become so cheap, relative to property, that it […]

Three tips to help pay off your mortgage early

May 8, 2018


If you are one of the many Australians trying to pay off a mortgage as quickly as possible, these three tips are for you. 1. Round up the repayments Look at your mortgage repayment and round it up. For example if your monthly repayment is $2151, however if you pay $2200, that could save a year […]

Five Mothers day gift ideas

May 2, 2018


Every Sunday on the second weekend in May we celebrate Mothers day by showing our appreciation for the achievements and efforts of mothers and mother figures. Its a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. With Mothers day just around the corner […]

Should parents start charging teenage children board?

April 26, 2018


New research has revealed that Aussie parents should start charging their kids rent once they turn 19. According to a survey of 2085 Australians aged 16 or older conducted by comparison site finder.com.au, 22 per cent of those aged 25-29 are still living at home. The survey asked at what age adult children should start paying board.Not […]

Today’s young will retire as renters

April 19, 2018


Sydney’s millennial generation are in danger of renting into their late 40s and even becoming retiree renters, housing experts have warned. The predictions have followed a report from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute showing a 38 per cent spike in the number of households renting over the past decade. The growth was an […]

5 tips for first home buyers

April 12, 2018


Buying your first home can give you a range of different emotions such as exciting, daunting, intimidating and downright a terrifying experience. Not only are you up against all the other first time buyers trying their luck, but you’re also bidding against people who have bought numerous times before. Investors and property developers are making […]