Home Staging Tips

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If you’re thinking about taking advantage of the current real estate market, it’s important think about how your house currently presents itself.

It sounds obvious, but before you do anything, make sure you get your house sparkling. We’re talking shiny surfaces and flooring, crystal-clear windows and carpets that have been scrubbed and cleaned.

To make sure your home is looking top notch think about spraying the driveway and that your home has house numbers. Planting some gorgeous flowers and making sure your grass is always green and watered. Plants require care and attention if there are alive and healthy plants in every room and out doors it gives a signal that the house is lived in and cared for.

We want to make a room feel larger instead of smaller, and furniture placement is a key element that affects this. Despite your own personal style, when it comes to selling your home you really need to put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers and keeping the colors neutral will help give the effect of more space. Opt for greys, beige and other neutral hues that scream elegance.

All photos and portraits should be out of sight. Wedding photos and family photos draw a buyer’s attention
to the seller’s family and can stop them from seeing the house as their own future home and also isn’t distracting from the home itself.

The key is to present the listing in a way that makes prospective buyers and tenants desire the perceived lifestyle. They may not remember exactly what the property looked like but they will remember how it made them feel.

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Home Staging Tips