How To have The Ultimate Australia Day

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With only days to go until Australia Day, now is the time to start planning the perfect way to celebrate the day!

Even though Australia Day is a public holiday, Sydney’s famous attractions are open. You can take a ferry to Taronga Zoo, enjoy a Sydney Opera House tower, visit the Sydney Aquarium and even climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Or relax on the soft sands at Bondi and other gorgeous beaches.

No Australia Day is complete without an enormous patriotic, plastic Aussie flag and the typical stick on tattoo’s and Aussie day hat!

One of my personal favorite things to do on Australia Day is pack a picnic, slap on some sunscreen and slip into your swimmers. Nothing beats Australia Day on one of our iconic beaches enjoying a relaxing BBQ with the family. A cliched tradition, but a tradition all the same. Get a plate stacked with real Australian meat. Majority of Aussies will be enjoying a snag to ring in the holiday. Keep it simple and top it off with some tomato sauce and caramelized onions. Delicious!

No Australia Day is complete without a family game of cricket! Make sure you’ve got a handle on the rules before hand though, nothing like a barney between family & mates to bust up your Australia Day celebrations!


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How To have The Ultimate Australia Day