Father's Day: Advice from our old man

Our father’s have always had something to say about our lives and always had advice for us to get through any situation, and in return we laugh a their terrible dad jokes and remind them that they still look as good as they did 20 years ago. But sometimes we have others that step into the father figure role to help guide us and influence us, So this father’s day we say thanks to the Fathers, Grandfathers, Step Dads and those Mothers that have helped us along the way.

Fathers are the first male role model we all encounter in life and they can strongly influence our view on men that we met in our future. That relationship that we form with our dad’s can sometimes make or break us as a person and they decisions that we make as that male influence or lack of male influence truly forms us as a person.

Here at Hordern we discussed various types of advice our fathers have given to us over the years and thought we would share with you things we have received.

We worked out that our dads like to be funny with advice like, “My dad told me not to ride a motor bike as its flesh covering metal if I crash! So I’ve stuck with a car since” or “One thing my dad always says is never look at your watch when you’re thirsty” or “If you ever get pulled over, Never say you had full strength, it’s always a mid or light”. All we gathered from that is that our dad’s aren’t funny at all.

But a lot of the times our fathers really got heartfelt with us and gave us advice like, “He taught me to always be open and honest about my thoughts/feelings and to talk about things as they happen rather than bottling it up.”, “He always said it doesn’t matter what you do with your life, as long as your happy doing it” “He taught to always be generous and not to expect anything back for your generosity” “He told me to always have GRIT, meaning have strength and courage with all that you do”

Our dad’s have always helped us through some of the toughest situations in our lives and have always been there cheering on the side line when we hit some of our greatest achievements. So this weekend give your father figure or your dad or that special someone that has filled that role in your eyes a hug and say thank you for always being there.

Happy Father’s Day from us all here at Hordern Properties.

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Father's Day: Advice from our old man