Natural Disasters: What to do when disaster strikes

When a natural disaster hits, it can leave you in a state of shock and feeling uneasy as you try to figure out how to fix all the damage has done.

NSW Fair Trading services have been able to set up urgent repair services for when you aren’t able to get in contact with anyone else. But when it comes to getting your urgent repairs done and you are able to get a tradesmen before using the services you must always be careful with whom you take on.

The Travelling Conmen:
The travelling conmen can always be a massive issue with any sort of business or services as you don’t want to get played. To ensure that you are getting legitimate tradesmen always ask for their full name and licence number to ensure you have the details to do a licence check and do not pay in full upfront as you will then be left out of pocket and with the damage.

Renting your home in time of disaster:
When it comes to your rental property in times of natural disaster, landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities if they property has been damaged. They can include arrangements for urgent repairs, cleaning of debris or arranging for utilities to be restored and reconnected.

For any other damages such as furniture and personal belongings being damaged or car damage, it would be best to contact your insurance company to ensure that your belongings can be restored.


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Natural Disasters: What to do when disaster strikes