Living Alone, It’s the Next Best Thing.

When we think of living alone we think of loneliness, boredom, alienation and so on. But drop that stigma and start thinking of it differently.

Studies from the University of Michigan have come out to show that people who live alone are more social then those who live with others. These residents are more inclined to attend workshops and class, exercise and eat out alone. And when it comes to their living attitude compared to those who are living with a roommate they are more likely to be humble and content, where as residents with roommates are more inclined to pick up traits such as pettiness, negativity or if your roommate is a risky person you are more likely to be very anxious in your household.

If your hesitant about jumping into the solo boat here are some life lessons you’ll learn along the way when deciding to live solo:

Life Lesson #1: Self Discovery
When you live alone you start to discover a lot about yourself such as traits, habits and routines that you create for yourself. These little things can spark various discoveries within to see just how you act when you are living up solo.

Life Lesson #2: The New Social You
Because of the low interaction daily of a flatmate, your social life with definitely take off more than before. As you have to plan more interaction with relationships and friendships you are able to grow socially and become more confident in approaching social situations.

Life Lesson #3: Adios Pettiness
No more snide remarks about your flatmates living styles and no more judgement on your opinions. It’s one thing that can drive flatmates insane and can cause quiet some tension in the household but when you’re doing it solo there is no need for that drama and you can do live how you please.

Life Lesson #4: Impact on your future
Being solo means that you discover they ways you approach living. Whether its meal prep and doing a big clean at the end of every week or going through the week doing little bits or everything, you form a routine. When it comes time to move in with others or with a partner, the routine you’ve gotten from living solo will hopefully adjust to your flatmates routine and hopefully both with complement each other.

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Living Alone, It’s the Next Best Thing.