A Grade, B Grade or C Grade? How does your property scale up?

When it comes to buying or selling a property, we set ourselves up with a list of the must haves and the must not haves. With that criterion we search for our dream properties through the whole market and can come across different properties that reach different points of our wants and needs. These differences break up the market into three grade points; A Grade, B Grade and C Grade.
The pricing of these properties doesn’t determine what grade they are but what the property has to offer to its residents.

What makes an A – Grade?
An A grade property is the one that ticks all the boxes. It’s close to shops, cafes, transport and all the fun of the suburb. Majority of A-grade listed properties are located off the main roads in quieter streets and have adequate parking for its residents.
Regardless of the price or if the suburb is the next best thing, there is always A grade places around, wherever you look.

What makes a B – Grade?
B grade properties are the properties that have at least 70% of your criteria but can lack things like parking or could be on a main road that just isn’t that pleasant.
These properties are usually the ones that can be bought for their value and renovated to meet more criteria.

What makes a C – Grade?

C grade properties are the lowest grade of properties. They can be nice and can meet criteria to a certain point but their value is pretty much worthless in the long run. These properties can meet the basic needs for a resident but might not be ideal over time.
These properties would be located far from the necessities and can be a pain for the resident to do everyday things.

The grade of one’s property can be a major impact on how it goes in the market. As they say “a rising tide floats all boats” which is good for when there is strong market but as the market goes down then they all grades suffer but C-Grade suffers the most.

Overall, all grades can meet different residents wants and needs and can benefit them but the higher the grade then the better.


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A Grade, B Grade or C Grade? How does your property scale up?